Nature’s Powerful Skincare Duo: Rose Water and Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Healthy, glowing skin is an investment. Unless you’re blessed with amazing genetics and have never suffered from a skin concern, you’re likely going to deal with some unpleasant moments with your skin. Whether it’s hormonal acne, wrinkles, eczema, or just inflammation, you’re going to have to learn what your skin needs and invest in quality, healing products that will work to naturally correct those concerns.

Two naturally derived products - prickly pear seed oil and rose water - are some of the best skincare investment products on the market. No matter your skin concern, these powerful and pure ingredients will help heal your skin and restore it to its youthful and natural condition.

If you’re looking for a powerful, natural alternative to chemical-based creams and serums, look no further than rose water and prickly pear seed oil. Read on to find out how these two products work together to give you your best skin yet.

Benefits of Rose Water for Your Skin

The use of rose water dates back to the Egyptian times when Cleopatra used the product in her intensive skin regimen. No matter the type of skin you have rose water is a powerful, multi-purpose beauty product that will work to soothe, heal, and hydrate your skin.

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In addition to its hydration and healing powers, rose water is also able to revitalize and nourish the skin of the face and body thanks to its natural components.

Additional Benefits of Rose Water

1. Anti-inflammatory

This means the consistent use of rose water in your skin care routine can help reduce redness and inflammation that might occur due to acne and eczema.

2. Full of Antioxidants

Rose water has high levels of antioxidants which gives it the ability to strengthen your skin cells and skin tissues. Its antioxidant properties also help with reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Antibacterial Properties

Because scars are often associated with healing skin, it’s natural to want to decrease the look of acne scars or other skin discolorations. The antibacterial properties of rose water help fade scars as well as cuts and bruises.

If you’re also looking for a product with a soothing and calming scent, rose water is for you. The light and natural scent of rose water is known to reduce feelings of anxiety and help your mind stay calm and relaxed.

Use rose water on your skin - both body and face - two times per day for the most effective skin treatment.

Benefits of Prickly Pear Seed Oil for Your Skin

Much like rose water, prickly pear seed oil has origins dating back to ancient times. It’s a relatively unknown natural product in the beauty industry but is quickly gaining recognition as a powerful source of vitamins and antioxidants.

Deeply Hydrating

Due to its high concentration of essential fatty acids, prickly pear seed oil is one of the most hydrating natural products on the planet.

Guards Your Skin

Every day your skin has to fight against environmental factors such as the sun, pollen, pollution, and dirt. Prickly pear seed oil is able to build up the protective layer of your skin so those factors don’t cause as much harm.

Protects Against Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Prickly pear seed oil has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin E in any natural substance. It’s an easy and effective solution to preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Infuses your Skin With Essential Vitamins and Antioxidants

This unique plant oil boasts some of the highest percentages of both vitamin E and vitamin K on the skincare circuit. It’s also high in vitamin A and C.

Non-Condegemic Formula

And the beautiful thing about prickly pear seed oil is that it works with all skin types. No matter if you have dry, oily, inflamed, or combination skin you can know that this oil won’t clog your pores or leave a greasy residue on your skin.


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How to Use Rose Water and Prickly Pear Seed Oil Together

On their own rose water and prickly pear seed oil are powerful, but when used in combination they work even better to produce a healthy, glowing complexion. Depending on your skin concerns there are two different application processes for rose water and prickly pear seed oil.

It may take some trial and error to determine what works best with your skin, but know that you can flip-flop the application of rose water and prickly pear seed oil if you find applying one first seems to give you the best results. 

Everyone's skin is different, but the beauty of natural products is there is no wrong or right way to apply them. They'll work wonders for your skin, it might just take some practice to find out the best application process. 

1. Wash your face with a mild, gentle cleanser to wash away makeup, dirt, and other impurities of the day.

2. Apply a natural, rose water spray to your face. Use a spritz or two to refresh and tone your skin. If you find your skin suffering from inflammation after washing the rose water spray will leave it balanced and refreshed.

Try It Out: use the prickly pear seed oil on your skin before the rose water to see if applying this product first helps reduce your skincare concerns. 

3. Use prickly pear seed oil next in place of your moisturizer. The oil is so powerful you’ll only need a drop or two. 

4. Apply the product directly onto your face from your hands so you don’t waste any oil on a cotton pad and rub any excess onto your fingers and cuticles for stronger nails.

5. If you find your skin needs a bit of sculpting, finish off your routine by using a cold jade roller on top of the oil. This method helps drain the lymphatic acid from your face and can help the oil absorb into your skin.

Use this skincare regime both morning and night for best results and watch your skin transform with the power of natural ingredients.

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