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LA VIE EN ROSE - 100% Pure and Organic Rose Water

Rose Water is known for its healing properties throughout the Mediterranean. It refreshes, balances, hydrates & helps close the pores. From concentrated steam distillation, nothing was added or altered. Produced in the south of France. Enjoy it and be at ease with yourself!! 



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La vie en Rose, in French, translates to " Life in Pink" but means something like the English saying “to see life with pink-colored glasses.”La vie en rose is usually used in the sentence "Je vois la vie en rose," meaning “I see life with rose-colored glasses.” It means that I see the glass half full, I see it hopefully as if everything I see is tinted with good vibes, solutions, and positive outcomes.

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Our Rose Water Spray is a perfect complement to Sabrah™. We have added it in our collection for many reasons.

First, Rose water has many hydrating and soothing benefits, as well as a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial abilities. This makes it a potent hydrosol to add in a simple skincare routine with Sabrah™ to complete it. 

Second, it has a soft, pleasant fragrance without being overpowering. Some spray it on themselves and relax as they breathe in the mild scent. It can be a mood shifter, the reason why we called it "La vie en Rose."  

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The purpose of our existence is to propose powerful Skincare products to ease our skin and simplify our skincare routine without losing performance. Sabrah™ is the powerful moisturizer; La vie en Rose is the powerful hydrator. It helps neutralize free radicals, prevents the effects of some bacteria, softens dry and red skin, it hydrates and boosts the moisture of other skincare products, it helps balance the skin’s PH level and may help shift our mood. 

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100% Pure distilled Rose Water
 INCI NAME: 100 % Rosa Centifolia*
 *Certified Organic by the producer 

Rosa Centifolia ( Hundred-leaved) is a complex hybrid Rose created between the 17th and 19th centuries. It is wildly and organically cultivated in North Africa, and a percentage of it comes from Rosa Damascena, mostly Known as the Bulgarian Rose.Besides the concentrated distillation, nothing was added or altered, and it's produced in France. 

Sunia K. French Rose Water spray is lightweight, penetrates quickly through the skin, and helps women ease and refresh their skin. This precious and powerful product is steam distilled from pure petals of Rosa Centifolia flower that has been known for centuries for its medicinal properties. This flower has natural skin conditioning and anti-inflammatory properties that not only reduce redness, irritation of the skin, eczema, dermatitis, acne but also helps reduce signs of aging.


The Potent Water

Rose water has powerful hydrating abilities. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help soothe the skin irritation caused by conditions, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea as well as having  properties to help prevent and reduce fine lines.

 It is a powerhouse hydrating ingredient to complement Sabrah™ in a skincare routine and to help damaged skin. 


The antioxidant benefits to the skin helps neutralize free radicals.


Rose water can prevent the effects of some bacterias that lead acne and rosacea.


Soothe skin conditions that have an inflammatory component,  like eczema & Psoriasis.


Rose water can be a moisture booster &  amplify the hydrating effects of other skincare products. 


The average PH level of Rose Water is 5. It may help lower the average Ph of the  epidermis. 


Helps keep the hair strong


Its tender scent helps to reduce stress  from to the feeling of freshness..


The Powerhouse Flower

In Tunisia, every household has at least one Gallon Rose water at home. We use it for Tunisian delights like baklava; we add it to Turkish coffee for the flavor and wellbeing and medicinal properties ( infected eyes, irritations) and cosmetic uses ( for skin & hair). In Tunisian popular culture, we perfume guests with Rose water during weddings to bring luck and happiness. Rose Water Spray is used as a facial toner, light perfume, linen freshener, and as a cooling mist, but also for many other purposes•:


Research has found a link between rose water and mood stabilization. In addition, rose water contains neuroprotective properties, meaning a bit of rose water can keep you smiling and glowing.


 Rose water is thought to possess analgesic properties that can alleviate bodily stress, enhancing your glow and keeping you fresh. 


Because of the flower’s high antioxidant content and other healthy amino acids, rose water can help alleviate stomach pains and cramps. 


Researchers have found that rose water can help counteract coughing fits and ease lung stress.

Rose water can open the airways, making it easier to exercise and stay comfortable.


 When rose petals are turned into water, the concentrate can posses soothing effects that calm inflammation in the throat. 


Scientists have found that rose water can be used as a mouthwash for its calming effects and help with gum and mouth health.

* For information only. This is not a suggested use of our Rose Water Spray.

ROSEWATER HYDROSOL FOR FACE AND SKIN: Spray on a cleansed face as a natural toner. It's an excellent complement to our Sabrah™ morning and night. It also suggested to go from thin to thicker in your skincare ritual, Rosewater first, oil after to moisturize overnight. 
Our Authentic Rose Water is safe for kids and can be used on sunburn. 

ROSEWATER FOR HAIR: Spray on cleansed hair to replenish lost moisture, manage your hair or make it smooth and shiny. It has been shown that Organic Rose Water can help as a detangler & hair loss. 

On a cotton pad add a carrier Oil ( Jojoba, Marula, Coconut oil) and Rose Water. It's a perfect cleanser.
Wash your face with rose water instead of water. You may make some Rose Water Ice cube to clean you face with it AM and PM.

ROSEWATER SPRAY DIY:When you buy our Pure Morrocan Rose Water , you will be able to use it as a linen freshener, mix it with other skincare products for mask and more. 

Prep and cleanse your face 

SPRAY Rose Water on face at ten inches distance

Apply Sabrah™ if needed.

And you're good to glow with or without makeup!



How do I use Sunia K.™ Rose Water?

Simple. You may use it as a cleanser with a carrier oil ( Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Marula, or even Plum oil). Close your eyes spray it at 10 inches distance thoroughly on your face.The antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of Rose water and the hydrating abilities will give you the light and powerful hydration your face needs. You Apply Sabrah™ after 20 seconds as suggested to seal the moisture. It can be used day or night and anytime during the day to refresh your face.

Can I use Sunia K.™ Rose water with other skincare products?

Yes. Our Rose water works well with many other products  to boost the moisture. Always apply from thinner to thicker texture.

Do I have to keep Sunia K.™ Rose Water spray in the fridge?

It's suggested to keep it in the fridge, but it is not necessary. It won't go bad if it's not, you can keep it at ambient temperature.The reason why we suggest to keep it the fridge is for more effectiveness. When it's cold, it helps close the pores better, reduces redness & puffiness & improves blood circulation.

What Product Can Sunia K.™ Rose water replace?

If you already use  a face Toner or hydrosol, you may replace it with our Rose water spray .

Is Sunia K.™ Rose water  suitable for oily / damaged or sensitive skin?


How long will a bottle of 120 ml of Sunia K.™ Rose Water will last?

If used day and night, it may last up to 2 months.

What is Sunia K.™ Rose water Shelf life & storage?

From production time, our Rose Water expires in 24 months. Once opened, the shelf life is six months. Proper storage and care of your Sunia K.™ Rose Water includes keeping it in a fridge.

What is the Ingredients of Sunia K.™ Rose Water?

The Rose Water scientific name or INCI  name  is Rosa Centifolia. It is 100 pure distilled Rose Water and is Certified Organic  by our producer.

Is Sunia K.™  Rose Water safe for pregnant Women or Children?

Yes. It  is safe for pregnancy and children, but as with any active product, it is best to determine your comfort level with your doctor.

Is Sunia K.™ Rose Water tested on animals?

 Sunia K.™ Rose water is vegan and is not tested on animals.

Is Sunia K.™ Rose Water  good for acne?

Because of its antibacterial properties, Rose water may help prevent Acne.

Is Sunia K.™ Rose Water good for Eczema?



SABRAH- 100% Pure and Organic Prickly Pear  Seed Oil (30 ml/1 Fl Oz)

Sabrah™ has the highest level of  Vitamin E & the highest level of Omega 6 as compared to Argan, Plum or Marula oil to help tighten and protect your skin from free radicals. Sabrah™ is the perfect moisturizing seal with la vie en rose, together they form the perfect powerful match!