Cosmetiques authentiques 

WHY AUTHENTIC-AUTHENTIQUES-AUTHENTICITY: Truth and sincerity that are incontestable, whose origin and reality are certified.

Sunia K. is creating a high-end line of pure and natural beauty products that works in harmony with body and mind to help women feel at ease with themselves, beginning with carefully sourced raw oils that deliver high performance results.

We are introducing our first line of product, Sabrah Oil, a 100% natural prickly pear seed oil. 

All our decisions are guided by our values of authenticity, caring, sustainability and respect for human beings, animals, the environment and all life.

Our company's name embodies our promise to you:

- Sunia K.™: ( pronounced  as the Sun) The Founders' name is Sonia and once upon a time was called Sundari too.  K. stands for the Last name Initial. Sundari means Beautiful in Sanskrit and in order to bring Sunshine to you skin and feel Beautiful, Sunia K.™ was born.

- The Logo Symbol: It's S ( for Sun, Sunia). It's in a Ying/Yang Circle in order to bring Harmony to your skin.

- Cosmétiques  authentiques: Authenticity is everything for us, cause if one of our clients is not happy with the purchase, we are unfulfilled. Being authentic, means what we say is what we do, but also:


Our precious prickly Pear seed oil is true to its nature—100% pure, raw and powerful—rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and powerful antioxidants to nourish, renew and heal your skin.


We know that when women love and care for themselves, they naturally extend that power and caring out to the world and want the companies they do business with to do the same.


At Sunia K. Cosmétiques Authentiques, all our decisions are guided by our care for our customers, our concern for the people who make and test our products, and our desire to preserve the beautiful planet we share.