Prickly Pear Seed Oil for Eczema

Introducing the rising star in skincare: Sabrah’s 100% pure and Organic prickly pear seed oil. While the ingredients of Sabrah’s 100% prickly pear seed oil may be simple, the process is far from it. First, the fruit is picked from the prickly pear cactus. Afterward, the 150-300 seeds from each prickly pear are separated from the fruit, after which the prickly pear seeds are cleaned, dried, and later cold-pressed. It takes 110 pounds of prickly pear fruit in addition to half a day’s worth of work to create just one bottle!

On top of that, Sunia is also a huge proponent of ending poverty, ending the cycle of unemployment, and empowering women. She hires unemployed women in rural Tunisia to help her produce her oil; this is incredibly impactful as it takes ten people a full day to create just one liter of our organic prickly pear seed oil so your contributions can have a meaningful effect on the women in these rural communities!

Sunia also works to make her company as sustainable as possible by collaborating with ecologically responsible companies because we want you and your skin to feel good about your purchase. Here at Sabrah, we are all about taking accountability for our impact. We guarantee that our packaging is composed of 50% recycled paper and can also be recycled so that you can be eco-friendly while your next bottle is on its way. Support rural communities in Tunisia and sustainable products with every Sunia K. Cosmetiques Authentiques purchase you make!

Prickly Pear Seed Oil for Eczema

Eczema, scientifically known as Atopic Dermatitis, is a very common skin condition in which particular parts of the body (like on the face, elbows, knees, hands, and feet) are most susceptible to swelling, rashes, and dryness, though it may occur anywhere. Eczema is not only uncomfortable but it is also characterized by red patches of dry and itchy skin, causing people to scratch and damage their skin. While eczema is not a serious condition and is often a self-diagnosable issue, there is currently no known long-term cure. The condition typically emerges in young children and may occur occasionally or be chronic for some. Anyone may be affected but is especially prevalent in people with a family history of the condition and can be triggered by allergies to irritants like pollen or household items. Doctors usually just recommend avoiding scented soaps and other irritating topical treatments, which is not always effective, especially for those with extremely sensitive skin. Those with sensitive skin need a soothing product with simple ingredients that are actually formulated to alleviate hypersensitivity, like Sabrah’s 100% prickly pear seen oil for eczema. Additionally, while many people with eczema and acne-prone skin fear that using oils will aggravate their skin and cause it to appear even more oily, it is actually counterintuitive because oils are needed to hydrate stripped skin so that it does not produce excess oil. Our oil is the perfect solution to people who struggle with both eczema and acne-prone skin because it alleviates inflammation from acne and is gluten-free, vegan, and non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores!) to accommodate a variety of user needs. 

What is so special about our organic prickly pear seed oil?

Sabrah’s prickly pear oil contains no additives, making it a clean and natural alternative to other eczema treatments. Organic prickly pear seed oil restores damaged skin and actually was used in ancient medicine all over the world for a myriad of ailments, and for a good reason!. Our oil calms redness from eczema, heals broken skin caused by the rash, and does not irritate already sensitive skin from scratching and peeling! In addition, not only will it deeply hydrate as it has the highest percentage of vitamin E out of all the oils in the beauty market, but its quick absorption rate still deeply moisturizes due to the rich fatty acids in the oil; this is the perfect solution for people who suffer from eczema, as the condition is exacerbated by dryness of the skin. Plus, the oil contains an intense concentration of antioxidants that have anti-aging properties, helping your skin maintain its elasticity and natural glow! Not only does our prickly pear seed oil soften and smooth mature skin, but it is also a great step to add to a preventative skincare regimen by protecting skin from environmental stressors and repairing it from damaging exposure to pollution. For those with dry skin, this is also a great oil to use before makeup as it refines pores, plumps and smoothes skin, erases under-eye circles, and eliminates dark spots from acne and sun damage. With the rising popularity of glowing and dewy skin in editorial magazines and on social media, our lightweight golden oil would be the perfect addition to any makeup routine to achieve that sunkissed sheen!

Our oil can also be used for an all-over radiance. Use our nutrient-packed product on skin, lips, hair, and even nails! It is a fantastic alternative to argan oil and can be layered over serums to enhance its efficiency and paired with moisturizers to boost its hydrating properties. Smooth one to three drops onto your face and decolletage, using the remaining oil on your lips, under the eys as a spot treatment, and on your cuticles. You can also combine it with almond or coconut oils to create a luxurious and nourishing full body treatment or add a few drops into a hair mask and wash it out after thirty minutes to heal split ends and give your hair a beautiful sheen. 

Get yourself a bottle now and say goodbye to itchy, scaly skin and hello to your new and glowing skin and hair.