Prickly Pear Seed Oil For Your Hair

A recent interest in prickly pear seed oil for health benefits is all for a good reason—it really works. This oil is derived from a cactus and has been used for its healing properties over the centuries. The Aztecs use it to treat burns and Native Americans to treat whooping cough and asthma, so it’s finally making its way into contemporary life and the benefits of it keep on coming.

Prickly pear seed oil is jam-packed with vital nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, carotenoids and flavonoids—just to name a handful. Traditionally, this wonder of nature has been used for skin care, as its high content of essential fatty acids help remedy inflammation and redness. Additionally, it has anti-aging properties and can stimulate collagen production, thanks the vast amount of amino acids. But did you know prickly pear seed oil is also great for your hair? There’s a versatility to the pluses of this incredible cactus oil, many of which can be used on top of your head!

Let’s take a look at all the wonderful reasons why you want to be using prickly pear seed oil for your hair health. Some of them very well may surprise you!

Prickly Pear Seed Oil For Hair

Amino Acids

If you’ve studied nutrition, you probably have heard of amino acids and all the good they can do. The amino acids in found in prickly pear seed oil, in particular, naturally stimulate collagen to generate faster cell growth. When it comes to your hair health, in particular, amino acids keep your scalp and hair strands hydrated, ultimately giving way to a great pH balance. Additionally, amino acids can protect your scalp from environmental pollutants and even sun damage. Clearly, this is a major advantage for those of us who spend time outdoors and want to stay healthy.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been known to wield countless benefits for your skin, but guess what? It’s also great for your hair. Prickly pear contains vast amounts of Vitamin E, which can function as a nature-made conditioner. Many people that use prickly pear in their shower routine feel firsthand how it can make your hair smooth and shiny in just a matter of minutes. Vitamin E can also repair damaged hair from the sun or other pollutants.


As stated before, prickly pear seed oil is rich in amino acids, which can stimulate collagen, which is great for your skin and hair. But there are other benefits of collagen for your head, as well. First, it can function as an antioxidant and fight damage made by free radicals, which develop in your body as a result of stress and environmental influences. Free radicals can also damage hair follicles, causing them to change in texture and weaken. Naturally, stimulating collagen growth can help you maintain healthy and happy hair and keep those unwanted free radicals at bay!

Additionally, collagen stimulation—as seen through the use of prickly pear—can also prevent hair thinning. After all, collagen consists of 70% of your dermis, which is the middle section of your skin that possesses the root of each hair. The more collagen you can stimulate and produce, the stronger your dermis will be, thus impacting your hair roots in a positive way. Also, collagen production can stop hair from graying, which saves time and money from running to the salon to dye it!

Omega 3s

Since prickly pear seed oil is so rich in Omega 3s, it would be only right to assume that it would be ideal for your hair, as well. The fatty acids in these Omegas have been shown to reduce hair loss and increase hair density, providing volume and combat the disadvantages of age.


Since prickly pear is also rich in polyphenols, which have a variety of outstanding health benefits, it’s only right to call attention to how these compounds aid in hair regrowth. If you’re suffering from hair loss, polyphenols can prove to be really effective, which have been shown in studies to outperform name brand hair growth supplements and medications. Ultimately, polyphenols affect the hair growth cycle by increasing it, along with the help of Vitamins B and C. This is a great solution to halting the aging process, especially through a natural means that can bring about exciting results!

Linoleic Acid

While not as widely read about and publicized as some of these other previously mentioned vitamins and nutrients, linoleic acid is found in prickly pear seed oil and is known to help reverse the devastating effects of hair loss. Derived from the Omega 6 fatty acid group and known as a polyunsaturated acid, linolenic acid can work wonders towards rebuilding damaged hairs and increasing hair root stability. Basically, bulbs at the bottom of hair follicles no longer receive sufficient nutrients due to age and linoleic acid helps repair them so they can better function and ultimately thrive. Additionally, linoleic acid helps hydrate your hair and repair some of its damage from curling irons and other harsh chemicals.

As you can see, prickly pear seed oil is a game-changer for those seeking to increase the status of their hair health through a natural, plant-based alternative. Whether you’re looking to repair damaged follicles, stimulate hair regrowth or ward of excess graying, prickly pear could be just the right fit for you.

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