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Powerful, Precious, & Pure



Sunia K. is creating a high-end line of pure and natural beauty products that work in harmony with body and mind to help women feel at ease with themselves, beginning with carefully sourced raw oils that deliver high-performance results. We are introducing our first line of product, Sabrah Oil.All our decisions are guided by our values of authenticity, caring, sustainability and respect for human beings, animals, the environment, and all life.WHY AUTHENTIC-AUTHENTIQUES-AUTHENTICITY: Truth and sincerity that are incontestable, whose origin and reality are certified.


Our precious cosmetic oils are true to their nature—100% pure, raw and powerful—rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and powerful antioxidants to nourish, renew and heal your skin.


We know that when women love and care for themselves, they naturally extend that power and caring out to the world and want the companies they do business with to do the same.


At Sunia K. Cosmétiques Authentiques, all our decisions are guided by our care for our customers, our concern for the people who make and test our products, and our desire to preserve the beautiful planet we share.

Our cosmetic oils are 100% pure, pesticide-free and traditionally cold pressed. We will never add parabens, sulfates, alcohol, synthetic frangrance or any other non-natural ingredient to our products.


Unlike argan oil, sourced from the endangered argan tree, Sabrah’s Oil- our first product- comes from the seeds of prickly pear plants that are hardy, fast-growing and widespread. Our source farm in Tunisia is a certified organic eco-grower.


We test products on ourselves first, then on other humans, with love. We will never source ingredients from companies that test on animals.


Our producers pay a fair salary to women and men who live in the area of Tunisia with over 40% unemployment. Your purchase helps to reduce poverty and strengthen communities.


Our package is from 50% recycled paper. All Packaging and shipping materials can be repurposed, recycled or reused.


Sunia K. is a woman-owned enterprise that donates 5% of all profits to groups that work to empower women or research cures for skin disease.

As a busy working woman trying to prevent flare-ups of psoriasis, I have an ongoing need for skin care that is effective, natural, and simple to use. Sabrah Oil is a non-greasy, quickly absorbed oil that quickly nourishes and restores my sensitive skin. It is Powerful, Precious & Pure—just like we are!


I first heard about this oil in 2007 while living in Montreal with its harsh winters, trying to heal from the worst outbreak of psoriasis I’d ever had. Like so many women, I felt stressed and worn down because I was taking care of everyone but myself. I tried traditional medications and expensive beauty creams. They didn’t help. 

My skin was demanding that I take better care of myself inside and out. As I gradually changed my diet, exercise, wardrobe, household and beauty products, I began to heal. I tried applying argan oil, rosehip oil, Neroli oil, many types of Morrocan oil and much other seed oil to reduce my skin’s inflammation, but it stained my clothes and brought little relief.

Introducing Prickly Pear Seed Oil 

Then I heard about a new, lighter oil that was extremely rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, extracted from the seeds of the Opuntia Ficus-Indica or prickly pear cactus (also known as Desert Figs, Cactus Figs or Barbary Figs). Growing up in Tunisia, we ate the antioxidant-rich prickly pear fruit in the summer to stay healthy and hydrated. Berber Women were used macerate the fruit and seeds together for a skin treatment to combat harsh sun and winds. 

Now, prickly pear seeds were being separated from the fruit and cold-pressed to produce a pure oil that was quickly absorbed but reported to be remarkably healing. I was surprised to learn that the oil’s highest quality source was an organic farm in Tunisia less than 40 miles from my childhood home. I was also surprised to find out that the prickly pear’s seeds contained so little oil that it took one ton of fruit and ten full days of labor to harvest and extract one liter of oil— the reason for its concentrated nutrients and higher cost.

I knew that to keep taking care of my family, I needed to take better care of myself: I decided to splurge and bought one small bottle to test.

Though I used only a few drops on my face and body, I discovered that this precious oil quickly nourished and hydrated my sensitive skin. Ifelt and looked healthy and radiant. The oil left no clothing stains and took seconds to use, compared to the time-consuming regimens I’d tried before. After one year of daily use (along with other healthy lifestyle changes), my skin’s texture became soft and smooth, and my psoriasis decreased from covering 30% of my face and body to 2%. 

 As I researched the prickly pear seed oil’s unusual properties and experienced its benefits firsthand, I became inspired to share it so that women everywhere could feel more at ease with themselves and their natural beauty, just as I have. 

 Beginning with Sabrah Oil – named for the Hebrew word for prickly pear – Sunia K. Cosmétiques Authentiques will bring you powerful, precious and 100% pure cosmetic oils that are sustainably sourced from around the world.

 After years of benefitting from Sabrah Oil, I am now delighted to share it with you in the spirit of Love, Beauty, and Authenticity—#beateasewithmyself #beatease #biendansmapeau (Beat at ease with my self/ Comfortable in my skin)Sunia K.