Face cleaning-Take care of my skin to be at ease with my self

While in the Bible, God fashioned Adam, and in Greek mythology, Prometheus created human beings to the dismay of Zeus, for the Australian Aborigines, it was the "Ancestors" who created men . Despite their differences, a common thread links these three myths: clay. According to these traditions, the human race is born of this rocky land, extraordinarily rich in minerals, in which wild animals roll to heal their wounds. The observation of this instinctive behavior probably inspired the first healers, who recognized clay as a gift from nature and used it since prehistory as a most effective detoxifying treatment. Forgotten and supplanted by chemical medicine for decades, this natural product returns in force in the form of capsules, powder or crushed blocks.

Cleanse the skin
Although it has many properties and can be used as a cure, one of the most common and appreciated uses of clay - green or white - is certainly deep cleansing of the skin. Applied in the form of a mask, it has an antiseptic, bactericidal, healing, degreasing, antitoxic, and above all, adsorbent power: it does not absorb molecules, but fixes them on its surface. There are ready-to-use pasta and clay-based cosmetics, but you can make a mask of pure clay in warm water. This treatment is not a simple "good-looking operation": it is essential to remove toxins accumulated over months and to allow the skin to fulfill its "respiratory" function (it absorbs oxygen from the air and Rejects carbon dioxide).

Clean the liver
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However, the detox of the skin is much more effective when supported by general detoxification. The beginning of spring is ideal to start a depurative cure of three weeks with herbal teas or decoctions of plants traditionally used to clean the liver: dandelion, marigold, chicory, horsetail, mint, wild thought ... But as soon as waking up, Before breakfast, you can start with a well-known remedy which consists of drinking a small cup of hot water, to which one can add, if one supports, the juice of half a lemon. At an adequate temperature, the water enters more easily into osmosis with the cells and rehydrates better. It is then advised to drink about a liter and a half of water during the day, to avoid processed foods - bread, prepared meals ... - and prefer homemade soups, Hungry by replacing them with vegetable juices or birch juice, taking a break in a hammam or for a facial sauna, practicing self-massage to activate blood microcirculation and lymphatic circulation. And finally, not to forget an essential ritual: a deep make-up removal.

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