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Berbers are the natives of North Africa, mainly in the Maghreb region, between Morocco and Egypt, which have linguistic, ethnic and cultural similarities between them but remained mostly independent. Berber tribes preferred to remain isolated in their settled or semi nomadic communities . This is a millennia-old, pre-Islamic culture that unfortunately is disappearing today especially in Tunisia. One of the key elements of this culture are symbols, represented thoroughly in tribes’s tattoos, jewerly, carpets, pottery, walls….

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Berber carpet, tunisian berber carpet

Berber symbols were more than just ornamentals. They had social functions, allowing to know from which region a person came , and even attributed to them healing and protecting virtues. There is a multitude of symbols, from the simplest to the most complex, all composed of geometric shapes, and it is difficult to know exactly the extent of these signs, because the Berber culture is a culture of oral tradition, and nowadays only older people still wear these Berber tattoos.

femme berbere tunisienne, tunisian berber woman, berber woamn of tunisia

The designs themselves relate to feminine & masculine symbols.

The feminine ones are represented by the diamond, the chevron or the X-shape. They usually mean fertility, sexuality, survival, protection, and the natural world. For exemple a large single diamond could be a watchful guardian warding off evil, it could also be used to represent female attributes and fertility. 

Male symbols tend to be straight lines, sticks, ribbons, or twig-and-ladder symbols. They are rarely represented alone in a design or a tattoo.

In Sunia K. cosmetiques authentiques packages, we have tried to work on a mix of Berber symbols bringing positive vibes to whoever is having our products. 

Here are a few of them:

 berber symbol meaning, berbner symbol


Hope you have enjoyed these few meanings and in case you buy one Sabrah Oil, you  will remember to keep the package with you !

Peace, Love,

Sonia K. 

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